Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow, My first year as come and gone, it's great!

My first year as a Wedding/Event Planner was everything I dreamed it would be. I have to thank my family for all of the help they offered without getting paid. I feel bad I did work them hard, but in the end...each wedding I did was so beautiful and something we could all be proud of.
My brides...I have to say I adored each one. They were all so different and each wedding so different that it gave me so much insight into what brides are looking for. They want the elegance of a grand affair, but they want the price of a low budget affair and I worked so hard to make sure that what they wanted was done and on the budget they had to spend.

My son's wedding is my last one for this year and I have to say I am so excited! It is a winter theme, with the blues and silvers with glimmer whites and sparkle. The guest list grew some now around 160 guest, but with all the ways I have learned to save on everything it is alright, no stress, except for the fact that he is my baby boy.

I already have a few weddings booked for next year and I am just as excited to really starting to pull them together. My bride in CA. was here in July and we had a wonderful time together with her family at tastings, photographer and florist. Hers will be an outside wedding in April, working on the tent to make sure it will be big enough and securing a heat source as well, in Ohio it could be snowing in April.

If anyone is interested in setting up a consult, please visit my website and email me with info and we can put something together providing the date is available, or if you have any questions I can help try and answer them for you. Oh, I am selling Favor's on the website now...Bulk items on on there but if you need a smaller or larger quantity let me know...these are great prices!

Take care,
Party Planners plus