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2013 Annual Bride's Seminar: Registration is going on now!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Theme? What theme? WHY THEY'RE FUN AND HOW TO INCLUDE THEM IN YOUR CEREMONY by Celia Milton, Celebrant

That sounds like it might be fun, but it also sounds like......
it's going to be a lot of work.  Well, actually, not!  By establishing your personality as a couple, it  can actually save you time by making your choices very focused.  Your theme will weave it's way through every aspect of your day, from the "save the dates" to the ceremony, decorations, flowers, reception style, to the last bite of wedding cake.  Once you find the theme that expresses you, every other detail will fall into place. Think "Old Hollywood" or "Weekend in Las Vegas" and you think of two entirely different atmospheres.  "Bling Bling" gives you different details than "Winter Winery".  Even a color can be a theme; colors carry different emotions and symbolisms.  Yello and Hyacinth speak differently than black and white.  If you close your eyes and think of any one of those themes, you'll get very clear visions of what you might pick to portray them.

Search for photos that define your theme and start a file of different elements you might include to carry it out. When you meet with your professionals, it will give them a clear idea of the vision you have. Different people imagine themes in different ways; your florist may think of "Elegant country" in an entirely different way than you do. Your DJ may have a different suggestion for a "funky recessional" than you had in mind.

Once you have a theme in place, you'll find that it's so much easier to make decisions; if you're creating " A Night in New York City", you're probably going to immediately rule out wildflowers on the tables and pastel colored invitations.  "Haute Rustique" might mean all kinds of things, but probably not purple uplights and crystal laden centerpieces.

While you certainly want to base your day on your theme, balance is good thing. You'll want to include it as part of your save the dates, your invitations (maybe as a quote) but not necessarily everywhere.  It should be present as a character, but not overwhelming.  It's like a really good party guest that shows up all over the place but doesn't monopolize the conversation!

But how does this fit into my ceremony?

I thought you'd never ask.  The easiest way to add your theme to your wedding is through readings and music.  Your readings can be anything from an excerpt from your favorite author, a poem, a selection from a sacred text, or even some lyrics from a favorite song.  (One of my weddings last summer had "Find a lucky penny" as their theme; the bride had collected them since she was a child.  She  used, "The Luckiest" from Ben Folds as both a guest reading and their first dance; it was lovely.) Obviously, you can pick your favorite music for the processional and recessional, but maybe a snippet can be played as you light the unity candle, pour the sand, or share chocolate and wine.

Your ceremony can also reflect your theme in the ceremony text. It would be hard to do a beach theme wedding without mentioning 'shifting sands' or 'tides of change'.  A wedding in a forest or a park is the perfect time to talk about the exploration that is part of building a relationship. (Curiously, this works beautifully for my Brooklyn weddings too; I talk about the new settlers bringing art and culture to areas that were formally industrial or abandoned.)  Your ceremony should tell your story, and that story is what  your theme will underscore.

So close your eyes and go on a daydream; what do you love? Where did you meet?  Where was your first kiss? Why did you pick your ceremony spot?  All these questions can lead you to the perfect theme and a simpler, more personal wedding day.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

William & Lacey's Beautiful Wedding Day Plus beautiful photos by Azar Photography

All the beautiful Fall Colors along with a beautiful bride and very handsome groom
I could not have asked for such a great couple! Enjoy the colors of orange, brown, silvers, deep reds and greens....all the colors of fall.

Wedding Planner: Party Planners Plus
Photographer: Azar Photography
Florist: An Ocassional Florist
Stationary/Invitations: How Inviting LTD
Caterer: Perfect Plate Catering
Venue: The Lincoln Theater, Downtown Columbus Ohio

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