Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It is going to be great in 2010.
New styles, new themes and great designs in the Wedding Industry.
Contact me today to find out how together we can make your Wedding Day the best it can be.

Take care and have fun!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

Party Planners Plus and myself wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2010 will bring many more exciting things for brides. Check out our Specials on our website at http://www.partyplannersplus.vpweb.com/

Nora McCoy
Wedding/Event Planner
Party Planners Plus

The Reception

So, as I told you in the last post the Bride and Groom were introduced. For me this is the beginning of a long night for all of the vendors working this wedding. To many things can go wrong and I need to always make sure I am aware of everything that goes on.

As a Wedding Planner it is up to me to watch the bride and groom throughout the night and watch for signs that they may need something...could be they need the glasses filled again...the glass they just emptied gave them a headache (this is always where the emergency kit I carry comes in handy... again. Watching for signs of any guest in distress or just not having a great time means I need to step in and figure out away to get them to have a great time.

Every bride to be knows more or less what the Timeline for a Reception is so I will not go through it here, (of course if you have any questions feel free to email them to me at nmccoy7801@wowway.com ) I just want every bride to be to know that hiring a Wedding Planner is one of the best investment you will make for your wedding.
Peace of mind knowing that I will be there from start to finish making sure that your day went just the way you wanted it to....without you knowing what went wrong and please trust me...things go wrong!

Tell me some of your stories about your wedding and what went wrong, I would love to post them here.
Till next time..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Part III

Dress in hand Yay!!!
Now comes the invitations...some brides believe that they can make them and yes...you can, but always make sure you allow for mistakes along the way.
I try and always help the brides figure out what wording will go on the invitation, this can take time and effort on the bride and groom as well so being patient is key here for a planner. Once the wording is decided for the invite we move onto the the rest such as Response cards..there is quit a few ways to write these up and you have to be careful of the wording or Uncle Harry will bring the girlfriend and her seven children that you are not counting on.
Reception Card...Maps....Hotels and Directions.

Think centerpieces?????? I have had brides change centerpieces several times during the planning stage and that is fine, but be careful of over-spending here. Sometimes I will meet with a bride several times before we get it right.

So much to do so little time left and before you know it the big day is here!
Making sure everything runs smoothly and goes has planned is my job, the brides job is to try and relax, always easier said than done...yes, even with a planner brides will find something to stress about its there nature and I let them go on about it because it is important to them.
Countless hours has went into planning this day for and with them because without the bride it is almost impossible to plan (yes, there are brides that just want to show up which is great too) but it happens and everyone is excited that the end is here and they will be introduced as Mr and Mrs___ and the party begins!!!

I will tell you about that in the next post!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Does a Wedding Planner do for a Wedding Part II

Information is gathered up and put into a folder to keep track of all the little things that go on until the big day. Main Venues and Vendors are secured with deposit and contract so now begins some of the fun for Brides, Grooms and families!!!

Dress Shopping....
Every Bride wants to make sure her dress is the most beautiful dress in the world and it will be...just keep your budget in mind please. There are countless wedding dress shops and also Internet shops popping up all the time. Always make sure to read reviews no matter if it is local or Internet.
Your can ask your Wedding Planner to go with you if you do not have any close friends or family available to help give you a few pointers. Always look through all of those bridal magazines you bought right after you became engaged, cut out pictures of dresses you would love to try on always remembering to check prices along the way so that you keep the dress within your budget. You do not want to try on a dress and fall in love with it if it is in the $2000 price range and you can only spend $600, be realistic, but have fun with it.
Some of the Internet shops are now offering to let you pick a dress, ship the dress, try it on and if it is not right for you ship it back and pick another all in the privacy of your home..could be very time consuming, but could also be allot of fun. I will look into this more and post for you later.

OK....so you have picked out your dress and I was there with you all the way giving you the support on the dress you fell in love with while your best friend really wasn't crazy about it, but you were. I know when my bride finds the perfect dress...when she stands in front of the big mirrors and tears start falling and she looks at her Mother and says "Mom, what do you think"
These times bring tears to my eyes!!!

Dress is bought and we move onto the next journey........................next time I post!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What does a Wedding Planner do for a Wedding?

OK, I am going to try really hard to let everyone know what I do when I start planning your wedding from day one, keep in mind I may miss a few things here and there, but here goes!

It all starts with an email or a phone call from a bride who is all excited and feeling a bit overwhelmed, she is full of excitement in her voice or in words and I can usually pick this up in her tone and with what she is writing. Most brides these days are relying on email to plan and that's fine with me.

The first email is great (as long as they put enough information in it for me) it goes something like;

Hi my name is ___. I am getting married on ______ and want to know what you charge?
My colors are_____ and ____, and I want to have an elegant, but fun Reception. We are inviting over 200 guest and our budget is $____. Can you let me know if this is doable and what you charge to be our Planner/Coordinator for the wedding and reception. I haven't really done anything yet except the guest list, oh and I did find a church that I want you to check out for me. I would love to have the reception at______ can you call them and set up an appointment for me to see it and find out how much it would be? I got my wedding dress it is beautiful, I can't wait for you to see it! Can you tell me how much this is going to cost? I guess I should find this out first instead of boring you with all the details, can you email me and let me know if you can do our wedding and how much it is going to cost?

Thank you
Bride (a very excited one at that)

From the email I can tell I have a very excited bride who is already thinking about all of the work, but wants to make sure it will fit into her budget to have a Wedding Planner.

First, I email her back and ask if she would like to set up a free consultation? I make sure it fits into her schedule in the evening (most brides do work). We meet at a coffee house of sorts so that we can get to know each other a little and go over some questions she may have for me. I can tell when she is comfortable, because the questions are never "How long have you been a Wedding Planner" or "How many weddings have you done" she digs right in telling me everything she wants and loves and can I help her do that (it is so cute to listen to) When the meeting is over and she knows what my pricing is, I always ask if she would like to think about it for a few days and get back to me...nine times out of ten she wants to sign and give a deposit so that her date does not get taken by another bride. Contract signed...I get to work.

Names of Venues and Vendors in hand I suggest a few at a time so as not to overwhelm her with them. A few are decided and I start calling to make sure dates are available, pricing for this bride and any discounts I may be able to get for her. This can be a process, but one that I hope gets done quickly so that she does get the venues that she wants. (dates fill up quickly). We look over the budget, what she has spent so far. Once she has the venue for the ceremony and reception..it is on to Photography. I offer up a few that I like and that I know will fit into the budget very nicely. If none of the work looks good we look for others until she finds the one she just has to have (problem: they do not always fit with the budget and she may have to take from another part of her budget to have this photographer, but we can make it work).
Next, onto Florist...same here, I offer a few that I think will fit with her style and budget. Numerous pictures are sent from her in emails until she finds just the right bouquet she is looking for. If it is a go than we start dealing with a few of the florist she liked and we start the process of seeing if we can get these to fit into the budget. Then comes the Cake and the Dj or Band. All of these things take time and countless hours are spent on the Internet and phone.

Now comes the part that you will have to wait for in the next blog...

Tell me your story for a chance to win a Day of Coordination Package from Party Planners Plus.

Monday, September 14, 2009

How will you know if you need a Wedding Planner?

How will you know if you need a Wedding Planner? If you are reading this you must need one. Brides today are rushed for time due to the work schedules they keep. It is hard to plan for a wedding, work 9 hour days and if you have children, just keeping up with the schedules of sports is enough to send a bride over the wall.

Hiring a Planner is more than likely the best money you can spend on your wedding, not only to save you money, but to give you the time and energy to spend enjoying everything that leads up to your big day.
Working couples today do not always have the time to meet with each vendor, to taste every cake and listen to every band.

A few questions to test yourself if you need a Wedding Planner

1. Do you work a full time job?

2. Does your Groom work a full time job?

3. Do your families work full time jobs?

4. Are you in School?

5. Do you have children?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then more than likely you would benefit with a Wedding Planner.

Take care,

My Life as a Wedding Planner: Cutting Back on Your Guest List Saves Money

My Life as a Wedding Planner: Cutting Back on Your Guest List Saves Money

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cutting Back on Your Guest List Saves Money

How many times have you said "When I get married, I want...."? Now you are getting married and the Budget comes into play and you come to the realization that what you wanted isn't in the budget at all. What can you do ... "Cut your guest list by 10 guest" that's right, if you cut your guest list by 10 guest you could have enough left in your budget to splurge on something you really wanted for your Wedding Day. Here is a sample of what happens...

Food and Bar $60.00 per person = $600.00
Chair cover & Sash $ 4.00 per person = $ 40.00
Centerpiece $60.00 per table = $ 60.00
Invitations $ 5.00 per invite = $ 50.00
Programs $ 2.00 per person = $ 20.00
Favors $ 4.00 per person = $ 40.00
Cake $ 5.00 per person = $ 50.00

Just what I have listed (and it still does not cover everything) can save you $860.00!!!
That could be enough to get something you didn't think you could afford such as the Limo or Carriage you always dreamed of, the upgrade on the photography. The possibilities are endless when you take away just 10 guest, 1 table.

Look over your guest list many times and think about things such as.....

When is the last time I spoke to or saw.......
Do I really need to invite my friends...friend.....
Do all my co-workers really need to be invited....
They are just Business acquaintances......

You get the idea, so dig into that Guest list and mark off some of those guest so that you can have the one thing you have always wanted for your Wedding Day.

What's been going on in "My Life"
I have been busy with weddings and family. We welcomed another Grandson into the family on August 5th. He is adorable and on September 8th we welcomed yet another Grandson who is equally adorable. This has kept me very busy along with the weddings that I love doing.
I hope to post pitures soon of past weddings and of Grandchildren soon. We will be welcoming another Grand-Daughter in October....I am so excited!
Take care...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

June Weddings

Hi Everyone,
May weddings are over and June weddings are halfway there. My last one for June is June 27, 2009 and I am excited about that. There is something so exciting about a June wedding. It use to be the month all Brides wanted to get married in, this year I only had (have) two booked which is fine, it seems May and September are taking over the spot light on wedding months. Next year I already have three weddings booked for May 2010 and two in September 2010 and none for June yet (I say yet because I really hope I get a couple June weddings for 2010)
The trend seems to be to pick an off wedding month and Brides seem to be listening to the advice of experts. The venues and vendors are less inclined to charge as much and for a bride on a tight budget that is music to their ears and to mine.
Party Planners Plus has been getting allot of out of state brides lately. Columbus seems to be a central location for a few reasons... airport, location of venues and price.
DYI Brides are starting to realize that although they can and do most of the work for the big day, a Day of Coordinator can and does take so much of the stress off of them. The hard part for me is the decor that they have come up with and want me to make sure it goes together exactly how they want it. This is all fine, I love seeing what they come up with, but sometimes it doesn't always come together the way they envision it would. It could be something as slight as they didn't measure exactly right on lights for the reception or the tulle for the ceremony is not going to reach down every pew. These are just simple problems that can be solved ahead of time if they make sure they communicate with their planner ahead of time. For my Day Of Coordination Package I like Brides to start letting me know all the details a few months ahead of time as to what they are wanting done as far as the decor (yes I do this myself along with my staff) Waiting till the last minute is just asking for problems and problems is the last thing a bride needs on her most important day of her life. So please always communicate with your Planner any and everything that you plan to do yourself, but want her or him to implement for you.

I am thinking about having a contest!!!!
I would like to start a contest to give away a "Day of Coordination" Package to a Bride that really needs it here in the Columbus Ohio Area. So if you or someone you knows could really need the help and I of course have the date available please email me and let me know in 1000 words or less why you should have a Day of Planner for your Wedding Day. Email your letters to
nmccoy7801@wowway.com or use the contact form on my website at www.partyplannersplus.vpweb.com

Please include the following:
date of the wedding
Name(s) of Bride and Groom
Your name and contact information (email, phone)
Bride and Grooms location of Ceremony and Reception

Good luck to everyone. My staff will be reading your emails and pick the wedding that I should do for FREE based on need.
This offer is valid until July 15, 2009. Your email must be received no later than midnight.

If this works out the way I hope it does, I will start having more contest so that Brides that need that extra bit of help have ways to achieve it!

I know I bounced around on this blog allot today, but I always have allot to say and never enough time to spell it all out.
Check out my specials on my Website. The specials go off the last day of June. Your consultation needs to be booked by the end of the month to receive the sale price for 2009, 2010 and 2011 Brides
After all, it's your day, shouldn't it be your way!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Through the Hard Times

Hi Everyone,

This year has really been a challenge so far. The economy sucks (excuse the word), but it really does. I feel so bad for all the people losing jobs, being laid off, not having insurance and wondering if the economy will ever pick back up. It is the same for Wedding Planners and everyone in the wedding industry. Yes, I know that there will always be Brides and Weddings, but the economy has hit all of them very hard.

It has been a challenge to me lately making sure my brides get what they want at a price that fits into the budget. I generally start with a bride 12 to 18 months before the wedding and they know what the budget is at that time, but then hours are cut or a layoff happens and the budget has shrunk in size and it is up to me to make sure I can still fit in everything they need and sacrifice some of the wants for them. I feel like I have shattered a few dreams lately and I do not like that feeling at all.

Finding the perfect venue and vendors for everything never seemed as difficult as it does today. I have cut the prices of my packages to help out with some of the expense. The hardest part is letting a bride know that as much as she wants something it can not happen unless she is willing to give up something else.

Wedding Planners have hearts and mine breaks for my brides when they can not afford something that they really want. I have begun to take the let's try it and see approach...

Switch to this to have that...let me explain a little so that you understand...

Go with the White table linen that your venue has or rent them at very low prices. White can be the backdrop for everything else. Overlays become expensive and adds to the budget. Think of ways to incorporate your color into the table without spending a fortune....

Rose petals (sprinkle them all over the table not just by the centerpieces)
Gems (acrylic and shiny, sprinkle them all around in your shades)
Leaves (Go outside and be creative in the size, either to sprinkle or to lay flat on the table)
Grass (think green...it is free and everyone will welcome you to cut the grass)
Flowers (be it silk or real hit the stores buy clearance, if real let them dry, instant wow)
Candles and votive holders (change from a white or ivory candle to the color of your wedding)

Check websites for clearance items (I do this for my brides)

I hope to write again soon on this blog and bring a few tips that might help. If you have any tips you would like to share email them to me and I will share them on my website as well as this blog.
Take care!