Saturday, June 20, 2009

June Weddings

Hi Everyone,
May weddings are over and June weddings are halfway there. My last one for June is June 27, 2009 and I am excited about that. There is something so exciting about a June wedding. It use to be the month all Brides wanted to get married in, this year I only had (have) two booked which is fine, it seems May and September are taking over the spot light on wedding months. Next year I already have three weddings booked for May 2010 and two in September 2010 and none for June yet (I say yet because I really hope I get a couple June weddings for 2010)
The trend seems to be to pick an off wedding month and Brides seem to be listening to the advice of experts. The venues and vendors are less inclined to charge as much and for a bride on a tight budget that is music to their ears and to mine.
Party Planners Plus has been getting allot of out of state brides lately. Columbus seems to be a central location for a few reasons... airport, location of venues and price.
DYI Brides are starting to realize that although they can and do most of the work for the big day, a Day of Coordinator can and does take so much of the stress off of them. The hard part for me is the decor that they have come up with and want me to make sure it goes together exactly how they want it. This is all fine, I love seeing what they come up with, but sometimes it doesn't always come together the way they envision it would. It could be something as slight as they didn't measure exactly right on lights for the reception or the tulle for the ceremony is not going to reach down every pew. These are just simple problems that can be solved ahead of time if they make sure they communicate with their planner ahead of time. For my Day Of Coordination Package I like Brides to start letting me know all the details a few months ahead of time as to what they are wanting done as far as the decor (yes I do this myself along with my staff) Waiting till the last minute is just asking for problems and problems is the last thing a bride needs on her most important day of her life. So please always communicate with your Planner any and everything that you plan to do yourself, but want her or him to implement for you.

I am thinking about having a contest!!!!
I would like to start a contest to give away a "Day of Coordination" Package to a Bride that really needs it here in the Columbus Ohio Area. So if you or someone you knows could really need the help and I of course have the date available please email me and let me know in 1000 words or less why you should have a Day of Planner for your Wedding Day. Email your letters to or use the contact form on my website at

Please include the following:
date of the wedding
Name(s) of Bride and Groom
Your name and contact information (email, phone)
Bride and Grooms location of Ceremony and Reception

Good luck to everyone. My staff will be reading your emails and pick the wedding that I should do for FREE based on need.
This offer is valid until July 15, 2009. Your email must be received no later than midnight.

If this works out the way I hope it does, I will start having more contest so that Brides that need that extra bit of help have ways to achieve it!

I know I bounced around on this blog allot today, but I always have allot to say and never enough time to spell it all out.
Check out my specials on my Website. The specials go off the last day of June. Your consultation needs to be booked by the end of the month to receive the sale price for 2009, 2010 and 2011 Brides
After all, it's your day, shouldn't it be your way!