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One of the most cherished moments of my life was seeing my daughters walk down the aisle on their fathers arm, those days… I will never forget, I just wish I would have had the time at their weddings and my son’s wedding to enjoy the event. Being a mother of four children, I know what it is like being on a budget and let me tell you it wasn’t easy nor was the time and energy it takes to plan and oversee everything that needs to be done at a wedding and reception.

Family should enjoy their child’s events, just like invited guest. They should get to have fun and experience the joy their daughter or son is feeling without running constantly trying to keep up with every detail. Remember that without a Planner, a family member –usually the bride’s mother often must take on the responsibility for all the details and orchestration of a wedding. With a Wedding Planner on board, instead of attending to wedding and party details, family members are able to spend time with the bride on the wedding day and that is one of the most important things a Wedding Planner does.

Weddings and Events should be a reflection of how you want your guest to see you. Elegant, Elaborate, Fun..however you choose. I love helping You put You into Your Event!

Nora McCoy

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