Sunday, November 8, 2009

Part III

Dress in hand Yay!!!
Now comes the invitations...some brides believe that they can make them and can, but always make sure you allow for mistakes along the way.
I try and always help the brides figure out what wording will go on the invitation, this can take time and effort on the bride and groom as well so being patient is key here for a planner. Once the wording is decided for the invite we move onto the the rest such as Response cards..there is quit a few ways to write these up and you have to be careful of the wording or Uncle Harry will bring the girlfriend and her seven children that you are not counting on.
Reception Card...Maps....Hotels and Directions.

Think centerpieces?????? I have had brides change centerpieces several times during the planning stage and that is fine, but be careful of over-spending here. Sometimes I will meet with a bride several times before we get it right.

So much to do so little time left and before you know it the big day is here!
Making sure everything runs smoothly and goes has planned is my job, the brides job is to try and relax, always easier said than done...yes, even with a planner brides will find something to stress about its there nature and I let them go on about it because it is important to them.
Countless hours has went into planning this day for and with them because without the bride it is almost impossible to plan (yes, there are brides that just want to show up which is great too) but it happens and everyone is excited that the end is here and they will be introduced as Mr and Mrs___ and the party begins!!!

I will tell you about that in the next post!