Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Does a Wedding Planner do for a Wedding Part II

Information is gathered up and put into a folder to keep track of all the little things that go on until the big day. Main Venues and Vendors are secured with deposit and contract so now begins some of the fun for Brides, Grooms and families!!!

Dress Shopping....
Every Bride wants to make sure her dress is the most beautiful dress in the world and it will be...just keep your budget in mind please. There are countless wedding dress shops and also Internet shops popping up all the time. Always make sure to read reviews no matter if it is local or Internet.
Your can ask your Wedding Planner to go with you if you do not have any close friends or family available to help give you a few pointers. Always look through all of those bridal magazines you bought right after you became engaged, cut out pictures of dresses you would love to try on always remembering to check prices along the way so that you keep the dress within your budget. You do not want to try on a dress and fall in love with it if it is in the $2000 price range and you can only spend $600, be realistic, but have fun with it.
Some of the Internet shops are now offering to let you pick a dress, ship the dress, try it on and if it is not right for you ship it back and pick another all in the privacy of your home..could be very time consuming, but could also be allot of fun. I will look into this more and post for you later. you have picked out your dress and I was there with you all the way giving you the support on the dress you fell in love with while your best friend really wasn't crazy about it, but you were. I know when my bride finds the perfect dress...when she stands in front of the big mirrors and tears start falling and she looks at her Mother and says "Mom, what do you think"
These times bring tears to my eyes!!!

Dress is bought and we move onto the next time I post!!!