Saturday, January 2, 2010

Congratulations you just got engaged!!! Now what?

The Holidays are past now and so many engagements happened over the Christmas holiday leaving future brides asking the question "what do I do now".
As a Wedding Planner I should be saying "Girl get busy", but instead I am saying
"take a few deep breaths, enjoy the moment and pick a day where you both can sit down and truly talk about what you both want".

Pick a date that you both agree on, dates that are memorable to the both of you (this will make it easier for him to remember your anniversary ladies) such as first date, first kiss or the first time you said I love you to each other.

Figure out what you both are comfortable spending on your wedding, who will help contribute.
Think of where you want your ceremony and reception to be. Should it reflect who you are? Couples today are making big statements in the way they are getting married. Most brides still want a Church Ceremony and a Country Club Reception, others are going for the ceremony and reception in the same venue not only to help cut cost, but to have more of a large Party than a traditional reception.

Start with a summary of guest you would like to invite, feel free to put them all on paper, but be prepared to narrow it down. Weddings for 2010 are forecast to be smaller and more intimate. Brides are learning if they want a more lavish wedding, then the guest list has to be cut. We talked about this in a past post how much you can save by taking off just ten (10) guest, think about what you can do when you subtract thirty (30). Believe it or not girls size does matter.

Have fun planning in the first few months of your engagement, it is such an exciting time. If you find that you are becoming to stressed a Planner can help with all the details while allowing you the fun of picking colors, choosing themes and finding the perfect dress.

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