Friday, June 4, 2010

Be Kind to the Bride...she can't predict the weather!

Wow.....what a May it has been!
May weddings are behind me now and I will miss all of my couples.
Heat played a big part of the weddings in May, we are in Ohio so you never know what the weather will bring.

Last Saturday, the 29th of May was so hot and Erika and Matthew had an outside ceremony at a local Park at the Gazebo. The day was beautiful no rain in sight, but the heat was horrible.
The bride held up wonderfully and never complained....the guest, little different story.

When a Bride plans her wedding day, she decides on the month, the day and the time. She goes out of her way to make sure her guest will have the very best she can afford for them. Predicting the weather is one thing she can not do. She can pray and hope for rain to hold off for her outside ceremony, but always have a plan "B". When it comes to cold or heat hopefully the guest will dress the part.

Here is a short list of "DO NOT DO THIS" at an outside wedding no matter how hot or cold you may be.

1. DO NOT......complain because it is cold or hot, DO wear layers so that you are more comfortable. If it is cold, wear your coat, hat, mittens and scarf.
If it is hot, wear cloths that will breath. So many dresses out there now that are so adorable with just a little pair of sandals. Pack a bottle of water...just in case the bride does not provide it at the ceremony.

2. DO NOT......move the chairs. The Bride has worked very hard to line these things up just perfect. Most of the time she may not of seen the set-up beforehand because she hired a Planner/Coordinator to do this and is excited to see the outcome when she walks down the aisle.
When you arrive if you can not be in the sun seek out the Planner or Coordinator or a member of the brides family and ask if you could be in some shade and out of direct sunlight. Let them provide the chair for you so that they can adjust the seating.

3. DO NOT.....complain! If you feel you must, do it quietly so that other guest do not hear you. Trust me it gets back to the Bride and her family. Do you really want your 15 to 30 min. of being slightly uncomfortable to make the Bride cry because you were not in air conditioning.
Bring along a hand fan in case the bride does not already have them on the chairs for her guest. It is always hard to judge the weather in April and May and if budgets are tight, that may be an expense that she can not afford.

4. DO NOT......forget your umbrella! No matter what the weather man or woman says there is always that risk of a sprinkle or worse yet downpour at an outside event.

Be smart at weddings you attend. The invitation will let you know if the wedding is inside or outside and by being prepared not only will you enjoy the will the Bride by knowing her guest were there to share in the happy day.

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Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants said...

Great post. Under a similar topic "Do Be Kind To Your Guests", I would add a "Do" for the couple as well--especially in the heat for an outdoor ceremony. DO realize that your guests are sweltering in the heat and you need to start your ceremony on time. Five-10 minutes late won't hurt anyone, but any delay longer than that is just inconsiderate. Starting as close to on-time as possible will also keep the guest complaints to a minimum.