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Up Close & Personal with Joy Macke, State of Face Artistry

We are so thrilled to bring you exciting interviews with some of Central Ohio's best Wedding Professionals! 
Today we will be getting Up Close & Personal ...(just a tad) with

Joy Macke, owner of State Of Face Makeup Artistry.

We have worked and Highly recommend Joy to our clients because of her professionalism and her beautiful work. Most important to us here is the way Joy brings with her a calming effect that every bride needs on her wedding day...along with a great personality and smile. Let's get started....

Q:   Joy, what made you decide to become a Professional Makeup Artist? 
I     AI started doing makeup in 2001 in the cosmetics industry. With a degree in theatre, inability to sit still in a corporate type of job all day, a new obsession with beauty products and the need to be colorful and creative- I decided that working in makeup was the only job I could tolerate! I started my freelance biz in 2008, it was when a long held belief that I needed to be self-employed became a necessity. I had been a Regional cosmetics trainer for years on the road and was OVER being in planes, hotels and malls all the time.

Q:  Joy, how was your first event and what would you have done differently if anything?

A: Oh my gosh Nora...can I say everything??! I look back 5 years and can't believe how lost I was. Good thing I didn't know any better, but it was a different time in weddings even in 2008. Hiring a makeup artist wasn't thought to be a necessity until about 2010, so I got into it at the exact right moment! I didn't used to have a contract, was totally disorganized in my kit, had no good photos to showcase my work and loved bright colors so much then, that I had a difficult time doing a timeless look.

Q: Joy, what makes couples want to hire you?

A: I would say most of my business is from referrals at this point, the rest is from a combo of my portfolio and reviews. It has become like a family- a bridesmaid one year becomes engaged and remembers loving her makeup, then hires me. I love getting to know people and making those personable connections. After all, I will be staring at your face close up for an hour or so. I also have a blog that has been active for about 8 years, so people can get to know me and my work that way. I've had many people in my chair who say that they read my whole blog!

Q: Joy, how do you make sure couples feel confident in your business?

A: My communication is always nearly immediate, which gives confidence in my reliability; plus the reviews are a good way to see that many people have felt very happy with my work over the years.

Q: Do you book more than one event on the same day?

A: It's imperative as a mainly wedding makeup artist to book as many weddings as you can in order to be able to afford to do it for a living (and not have to take a day-job). There are only so many days every year that people get married and most peak months Saturdays (May-October) I will double book in a very strategic way. I always pad my timeline so that nobody is running behind or concerned about being late because of makeup. I always tell people that I will not be a reason for them to worry- I leave lots of time and have done this so many times that it is predictable how long each face will take, how long it takes to pack up, get to the next venue, unpack and be ready to start again. I always account for everything. And if there's ever a question of being a little short on time, I will bring additional artists.

Q:  Joy, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time with family and friends or by yourself?
A: This sounds so canned, but I volunteer a lot of my time. I work with Dress for Success in their Rouge and Resumes program where we prepare people to reenter the job force and show them how do makeup in a professional fashion. I absolutely love working with DFS! I also am part of a charity mass choir (200 people) called Harmony Project ( that raises funds for various programs (South High music program, revitalization of the South Side, building a new playground, painting murals, working with Children's Services at the holidays and raising money for bikes for foster children, among other things). The singing is to inspire others to give back to their community, but it's not all preachy and typical choir music- we have done songs from Earth Wind and Fire, U2, Annie Lennox and at some shows I have a solo to belt out. Until about 2 years ago I also played bass and was a singer/songwriter in indie bands. Other than volunteering, I like to try new non-chain restaurants, hang out with my often hilarious friends, cuddle with my 2 dogs, watch youtube makeup reviews and some bad reality tv.
Q:  WOW...Joy do you even have time for any hobbies?
A: Nora I spend SO much time researching products, watching tutorials, talking in groups of artists about application techniques and product choices that my job is also my hobby. Other than makeup, checking out live music, spending time with my niece and nephew, and I love party planning too!
( I will have to remember this Joy Macke!) Anything that lets me be creative and a little bossy usually works :)

Q:  Joy, what is the best advice you can give to a couple when planning their wedding?
A:  Don't put things off. I have many people inquire for availability 5 months prior to the wedding day because that's what some book told them to do and I'm already booked. If you are engaged and know you want to hire a makeup artist (or any type of wedding pro), sooner is always better. Get the vendor of your choice! And hire a planner. I wish I had done that for my own!!
Q:  Joy, would you say your pricing is compatible with almost any budget?

A:  I always tell people that my pricing is moderate, which, considering my heavy bookings and how many reviews and awards I've gotten, that's a bargain. Not everyone can afford a wedding, but if you can, you simply can NOT skip getting makeup done professionally. I can always tell when I see the professional pictures when the bride and party have not chosen to do this.

Q: What is the funniest thing you have ever seen at a wedding?
A:  I actually don't go to the weddings, since my job happens before it all goes down. I see a lot of family drama and inner workings that most close friends don't even get to see though. But I've definitely seen some hilarious things go down, like the 12-piece mariachi band that thought the bride would like them to play for her and her girls while they got ready. In her home. Full blast. For an hour. Funny, sure- also painful.

Q:  How can couples contact you to set up a consultation?

A: The bride usually emails or calls me and I'll email or talk to them. or (614)296-0123
Q:  Do you charge for a consultation?

A:  Just talking, no- but I do that via email usually. I do charge for a makeup trial, which is about an hour or so and I will talk to them about the look they want, look at inspiration photos if they have any, and then do full makeup on them, including airbrush foundation and lashes, then make adjustments as needed.

Q:  Joy, what trends do you see coming for 2014 couples?

A:  For makeup, I think lips are coming back. For the last 12 years people have skewed away from doing anything besides light pink/rose, nude tones or glossy lips, but in the last 6 months I've had more people wanting and open to mid-tone, brighter or darker lips. There is a way to make it  fashionable and current.

Q:  Just one more question that's a tad more personal...Are you married, single, children...tell us a little about yourself!

 A:  I got married at 36 years old almost 3 years ago. I never thought I'd be married since I've always

Jay & Joy Macke on their wedding day!
been such a free spirit, but then I met my (now) husband and it just made sense. He was the same way. He and I are totally obsessed with our pets: 2 dogs named Nova and Liza and our cat, Seymour. His family lives in the Columbus area and we love to spend time with his parents, brother, sister and niece and nephew. He and his Dad are both attorneys and love to talk shop, his Mom used to be in the beauty industry, so we can talk shop :) His brother is a realtor and knows EVERYONE and his sister just became a realtor is one of the most positive and magnetic people I've ever met and she's raising 2 of the funniest and brightest kids I've ever met.  My family lives outside of Cleveland and my sister and Mom are also really into their dogs. Together we have a total of 8! It's too much :)

Thanks so much Joy for allowing us the privilege to get Up Close & A Little Personal with you and your fabulous company....You Rock!

To contact Joy or visit her website.......

Joy Macke

STATE of FACE artistry
(614)296-0123 cell

facebook: State of Face Makeup Artistry

pinterest, twitter, instagram: joyheartshearts


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Madeline said...

Joy says she was lost 5 years ago when she first started, but I can tell you she was still amazing back then! She did my wedding makeup in 2007. Thinking back on how much I paid for a photographer, I realize the make up was even that much more important. My pictures looked great and I felt like a million bucks all day long.

Madeline said...

Joy says she was lost 5 years ago when she first started, but I can tell you she was amazing even back then! She did my wedding makeup in 2007. Thinking back on how much I paid for a photographer, I realize the make up was even that much more important. My pictures looked great and I felt like a million bucks all day long.

State of Face said...

I am honored :) Thank you, Nora!!