Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Wedding Sites

Remember when you were a little girl and you played with Barbie? You would spend hours dressing her up for dates with Ken. Countless hours are spent planning your Wedding Day now so I wanted to bring a little bit of fun into the mix for you.

I found a website called Fashion Games 4U this site is a blast to look around and you may find yourself playing a few games while your at it. (they have some free ones)
Everything from dressing up to make up to nail art to anything girlish. Take a quick break from your planning and the stress and play around with a few gamesJust Fashion
again the website is

Sweet Pring WeddingAnother one that looks to be fun is
It looks like a mixture of all sorts of fun games such as Bridal Couple Dress Up, Wedding Nail Design, and many more .
Have fun searching for different things to take your mind a little away from the planning and stress and around a little with some of the fun stuff. Wedding Planners Orders
If you find that the stress of planning your Wedding is starting to interfere with the fun stuff you should be doing after getting engaged such as being with friends or just being with each other a Wedding Planner can be your best friend and help relieve some if not all of the confusion of me...let's chat