Monday, January 10, 2011

Planning the Cost of Your Wedding

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We never want to face it, but the day comes when you have to decide a Budget for your Wedding.
It's true....every Bride dreads it. Here is a website that can help you figure out what it is going to cost you to put on the Wedding you want.
Look at the numbers and decide, can I afford this?
You start by putting in your Zip Code, easy enough right. This is what I found out when I did it.
For the Zip Code 43026 (Hilliard Ohio)

"On average, US couples spend $19,581 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $14,686 and $24,476. This does not include cost for a honeymoon or engagement ring. Understanding wedding cost now can help you with your wedding budget later."

For a Professional Wedding Planner in the 43026 Zip Code

"On average, couples that live in or travel to Columbus, OH spend between $1,468 and $2,446 for Planner/Consultant > Full Service.

You should expect to pay, on average, between $2,936 and $3,914+ when choosing well-experienced professionals.

Average based on spending of other brides and grooms not wedding vendor prices. Spending and prices can vary widely"

The list goes on and on and you can calculate your entire wedding. As you can see the price of a Wedding Planner varies in our town. Party Planners Plus tries to make sure every Bride can afford to fit a Planner into the budget by offering "NO INTEREST MONTHLY PAYMENTS"
Visit our Website for Package Prices or we can create a Package just for you.
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Mellton Roper said...

It is important to decide how much money can be spent on the event, and how bills will be shared. Purchase a planner to write down and remember any appointments and find a way to organize and track payments.

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