Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thinking About Your Venue

Photographer; Artistic Captures by Selena
       Selecting Your Venue

Picking the right venue takes time and effort. Knowing what you want and what you can afford will be a task every Bride and Groom must tackle. I hope to help you in deciding what will fit your personality as well as guest count and budget.

Think about what you both like to do such as Hobbies, Art, Collections, Movies, Dancing and Games.

Think where you would like to have the Venue, indoors or outdoors. In a Downtown  or Small Suburb area. Do you want your venue to be close to Hotels and Attractions.  Brides and Grooms pick this for convenience for not only themselves, but for guest as well. 

Photographer; Artistic Captures by Selena

Wooded Area
Would you like a Wooded area secluded from the city or a Barn Reception out in the middle of nowhere. How about a Country Club or Large Hotel where guest can stay afterwards. The sky is the limit when picking out what type of Venue you would like to have even an Airport Hanger is used for Receptions. I had a couple do their departure on a plan flying over the lights of Downtown Columbus. All the guest were amazed and excited to see them depart the the Reception.

Golf Clubs are another option to look at. Some are secluded away from all the noise and traffic and offer packages to the Bride and Groom containing Menu and Bar, Chair Covers and Table Linens.

Hotels are a choice Brides make because of the ease of having the room to get dressed in and to come back to when the day is done. They offer packages to include everything from Menu to Cake....DJ/MC to Photographer. These can be a bit pricey, and some of the packages may not fit your budget. It is a good idea to meet with the Hotel and discuss what you would like to have or have your Wedding Planner do this beforehand and give you the details of what they can do for you.

Gantz Park

 Outside Weddings in a Gazebo...every Brides dream. Receptions under white tents with the lights and music. Oh and don't forget the bugs, rain and depending on the time of year cold and heat. I'm not trying to discourage this, but want to make sure before you start dreaming of an Outdoor Reception, remember there can be more cost with one. I love outside ceremonies. Maybe think about having your ceremony outside and your reception inside with an area to be outside if need be. 
Parks are abundant in the United States!!! That's the good news, bad news...they have started charging so always check with the Park to make sure your date is available and pay the deposit so that it is saved for you  on your Wedding Day.

Brides are focusing more on Family and Close Friends in 2011. Casual Elegance is what I refer to this as. 
Photography by: Artistic Captures by Selena
Finding a Barn can be the hard part unless you already have one. Transforming the structure into a Reception can be the easy part. Long tables of white linens with centerpieces made from glass jars. Comfort food served family style along with a small band and you are set for a Party....except never forget all the other things you will need to pull this off. Everybody has to use the bathroom, so you will need to make sure there is enough Port-a-Pots to go around and put in a place not to far, but hidden out of site...unless you can find some really cute out-houses to rent. Electricity for lighting may also need to be found as some old barns do not already have it . I would never discourage this, I love Barn Weddings. Just knowing what is needed to pull this type of Reception off is critical to the event running smoothly for you and your guest.

Golf Club at Muirfield

I hope I have given you a few options to think about as you begin to look for your Reception Venue.
A Wedding Planner will have loads of information and contacts to choose from and will help fit your wants and needs to a Venue that will be perfect for your Wedding Day.
Planning such an Event can be very time consuming and stressful. If you would like to set up an appointment for your free consultation please go to my website at